Sunday, October 31, 2010

It Feels BIG, SWEET, and GOOD to blog again!




Kate says 'Hi!'

Taylor says 'Bye!'

Izzy loves bandaids almost as much as her dog, Muffy

A dinner date with Gabe and his wildlife friends at Saltgrass

Making cookies with Kailey

Lucy and Hannah at Cascade Springs

St. George Marathon runners: Julie, Amy, Rachel
Beau and Rebecca joined the last few miles

Steve and Melanie being lazy at the cabin

Kathy and Dave joined us at Sundance

Lucy is climbing walls!

Ammon's blessing day, Oct 10, 2010

October Birthday celebrations at The Farmhouse in Serenbe for Josh, Dagmar, and Jordan

November birthday celebrations at Soup Sunday for Quincy, Jasper, and Grandma Becky

The cutest Irish dancers ever: Lili and Sofia