Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May From Beginning to End

On the very first day of May, we are in line for the Atlanta Temple Re-Dedication. Josh, Dagmar, Gary, Jason, Jordan, Amanda and Claire all in the picture. Moroni is there, too! It was a wonderful and memorable experience...

Gary helping at our Ward Day of Service for Padgett United Methodist Cemetery

A belated birthday present for Gary - dinner at a hibachi restaurant. Dagmar, Espen, Lili, Sofi, Jasper, Josh, Becky and Gary. It was 'flaming' fun and good!

Julie and Seth in Hawaii, island of Oahu

Julie in front of the Hawaiian Temple

Dave and Jessica leaving for Israel at the Los Angeles airport. Poppy and Grandma Becky got Hannah all to ourselves along with her brothers and sisters while they were gone!

Mother's Day in California. The grandkids crowned me Queen for the Day, Gary and Beau cooked and cleaned, and Lara (Amy's sister) and her husband/children joined us for dinner. Happy day! I love being a mom and a grand-mom!

Izzy in all her glamour had her mom send me this on Mother's Day.

The Nerds, Jim and Emma, knew I would love this photo!

And here is Mamie Jane fisting her wishes. Photos are perfect gifts!

Here's Moroni again - on top of the Los Angeles Temple this time.

Jana and I met up with Beau, who lives just a few blocks from the temple. We did a temple session then Beau gave us a tour of his neighborhood, apartment (loved it), work office, famous Hollywood theaters, and finally dinner, finished off with the best bargain in West Los Angeles: a big scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two personally selected cookies and all for $1.50!

And here's the menu to prove it: 'Sandwich Cookies, $1.50! Very popular destination for the UCLA students, and for me! I'll be back...

We definitely splurged with these ice-cream sandwiches! Jana took over babysitting duties half way through Jessica and Dave's absence. She is definitely a 'one-in-a-million' great-aunt to the Sedgwick kids.

Claire and Jason, Billy Allred and his wife, Alli, ready to leave for Spain. Grandma Becky and Poppy got grandkids (Ella, Lincoln, Quincy) all to themselves again! We have definitely lucked out in May with getting better acquainted with some of our amazing grandkids.

Some of the fun things we got to do while Claire and Jason were gone: Attend Ella's kindergarten graduation.

Watching Ella bid farewell to Orrs Elementary. She'll be going to school in Augusta, GA for the next four years.

We got to cheer Lincoln on at his pre-school graduation. He is reciting, with excellence, his part in the program.

A hug and congratulations from big sister, Ella, who was all dressed up in her flamenco costume.
Sweet 'Q' thought Grandma Becky did just fine as his mommy for a while! But now that May is over, Grandma Becky is quite glad to be back just being a grandma...