Monday, July 23, 2012

Road Trip to Kate's Baptism, June 28-July 13

Lobby of Marriott Hotel in Mobile, AL in an old historic building and beautifully restored

Jake's Custard Shop on the Gulf Shores
 - as unique as our very own Jake! 
LDS church in the garden district of New Orleans 

Plantation we just happened upon while looking for the real thing.
However, this looked pretty real to us

A beautiful row of oak trees in the middle of nowhere
as if some soul just went about beautifying the earth
Looking out from the balcony at Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana
This plantation was the real thing we were looking for, but it was one of many.
Side view of Oak Valley

Oak Valley from the rear...and finally -

Oak Valley Plantation on the banks of the Mississippi River, 
Vacherie, Lousiana 
After five days on the road we arrived at the BELLS in BELL County, BELton TX! 
Amelia and Oliver went antiquing with us
This could pass for the Dominion Day Parade in Raymond, Alberta, Canada! 
But alas, it is the Belton July 4th parade
Grandma Becky on the parade curb with Amelia and Oliver
with Christian in the back waiting to help me get off the curb!
Cooling off after the parade

Miss Eloise - as sweet as she is beautiful

Oliver got an early birthday present from Poppy and Grandma Becky by request.
Our world globe for a five year old that is definitely smarter than a fifth grader 
You name it - he'll find it!
Red, white and blue punch for our July 4th barbeque 
Only Rebecca could pull that off!
Next stop: Allen, Texas
Lauren is riding her pony
 Morning walk with Kate, Lauren, and Taylor 

The reason for our fun trip: our beautiful Kate

Five very cute grandkids singing at Kate's baptism

Kate on her baptism day with her Dad

Open wide and smile!

All of the Crofts

Almost all of the Bells

Twin moms - cousin babies

Lauren traded her horse for a car!

Grandma Becky had a date with five grandkids at once! 
The Bounce House....
...then the ice cream shop

Miss Amelia has learned to swim

Miss Lauren is Queen of the Pool

Wait!   Miss Kate is Queen of the Pool!

Sparklers on a bright day in a dark garage

I do love these girls, but they are less than enthused
Eloise and Tessa
Kate and Taylor's farewell fashion show

Last stop on our road trip enroute home: Vicksburg, MI, National Military Park
16 miles of hallowed grounds, hundreds of monuments amongst the rolling hills of the battleground
Abraham Lincoln considered Vicksburg the 'key' to winning the Civil War

17,000 soldiers are buried here
13,000 of them are unknown 
This moving quote overlooks the sprawling cemetery
Picture perfect ending to this blog!  Miss Tessa in all her cuteness