Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seeing Double and Other June Highlights

Jake and Emily are going to have twins! See above sonogram
So are Beau and Amy! See below sonogram
Poppy and Grandma Becky are going to have four new grandbabies within days of each other!
As Poppy always says, 'Who are the lucky people that live here?'  We are! 
We just might be the luckiest people in the world.....

Twins in real life! Sofia and Lilian

A golfcart full of our luck!  Precious grandkids and their favorite 'aunt' Kailey

Shall we clone Quincy and get a double of him?   So cute!
He's hugging a cannonball in Charleston, NC

How about a double of Espen?  Impossible...he is way too unique!

The battery looking out to Fort Sumpter 
Beau and Amy came to Georgia, Claire and Jason joined us on a little vacation 

Once we got to Hilton Head, Dagmar and children joined us 
We were a noisy bunch at the restaurant for dinner!

There's something interesting in the lake.....

.....very interesting!

Not quite as interesting of a catch as an alligator, but Gabe's smile is worth a million bucks!
Tasker family reunion at Brianhead, UT

Rub a dub-dub, three girls in a hub!

Sofia, Ella, and Lilian with matching hair-do's

Add the fairest stylist of them all.....

Claire and her clients!

The loveshack owners.....

.....Beau and Amy on Hilton Head

White Coat Ceremony for Jason

Congratulations is in order for Jason who is working hard in school 
and Claire who is working hard at home while he is in school!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Birth, Farwell, and Life Inbetween, May Update

Welcome to the newest member of our family: Ezra Solomon Boyle, May 16, 2012.   Adorable!
Seth is the newest Dad - an immediate expert at diaper changes!
Julie is the newest Mom - an expert who has been in training for years!
She is so thrilled to finally have her own, sweet little baby boy.
Newest grand-baby for Grandma Becky - #32!
Ezra's first bath - he loved it!
A new baby is little slice of heaven on earth. 
Mt Timpanogos is heavenly from the Boyle's home.
Charlotte and Quincy came to play....and stay. 
Claire, Jason, Ella and Lincoln went on a cruise away.
We watched Jonah play his last soccer game of season.  Does he have one leg only? 
Lucky boy, his dad was his coach.
 Grandma Becky and Ella on Mother's Day. 
The flowers were from Julie and Michael Smith.
Julie Smith spoke in our Relief Society on Mother's Day. 
Then the family came to our home for brunch.
Time with a favorite sister, Launa, in Arizona.
Time with some favorite friends, The Nuttals. 
Gary had work in Pheonix, and I tagged along.
Time with a dear friend, 'Sister' Snider serving in SLC South Mission
Time on Memorial Day with mom and dad at Provo Cemetery
Time with my brothers and sisters at a sad time.....
Time to say an earthly 'farewell' to a beloved Aunt Carrol 

This Family is on the MOVE!

                                  Beau and Amy are moving Boston in August.  Their Brownstone!
                         Dave and Jessica are moving to Baltimore, Maryland in July.  Their Colonial!
                             Views from the front and back yard....lots of room to romp and roam.
                 Jim and Jennefer were May Movers to the perfect location in Albuquerque. Their Tuscan!
                                                          Their yard backs up to the temple.
               Christian and Rebecca were the first May Movers, settling in Belton, TX.  Their apartment!
                        Plans for building a home are in the works.   It's going to be a wild Texas ride!