Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More August Adventures

 North Georgia Mountains

 We headed to the mountains to escape the heat...
and  have some adventures, too 
Jonah, Hannah, Lucy in a close-up
Jonah, Hanna, Lucy with swinging bridge perspective
This is the longest swinging bridge east of the Mississippi
Walking it was an adventure!
Jessica and children at one end of the bridge 
Madison was in California at girl's camp adventure
Amanda and children with the other end in sight
The bridge was a 'moving' adventure as you walked across
Adventure for Caleb, Lucy, and Jonah 
Scary for the mom's watching them....and grand-mom
Jonah and Hannah crossing the creek....
.....on a log!  Balancing adventure!
Lucy and Caleb were the leaders
Amanda and Annabel found their own adventure

Back on safe ground with a steady walking stick

Hannah takes a rest on the hike to Amicalola Falls
Do you remember having a family adventure there in the 90's!
Even mom's carrying little ones need a breather 
It was a 1000 step climb to the top!  Now that's adventure!

Caleb helped carry the little ones, too

Caleb getting a good look at the falls

Lucy being her cute, photogenic self

Jonah being Tarzan

Caleb used his scout skills to build a very good campfire for smores

And at the end of the day, it was time for the hot tub - 
and what did we see come lumbering by?
A black bear!  Adventure of adventures!
He lumbered past the hot tub, down to the campfire, and disappeared into the woods
At the end of our mountain adventure, the suburban was in dire need of cleaning
Lucy, Jonah, Hannah, Caleb made the point on the windows
Where were Sofia and Lilian during all of these adventures? 
They were having their own adventure out West with their family. 
The week after they got back, they came to Hickory Hill for some Ranger Adventure!
Then these women went West, too......for BYU Education Week!
Rachel, Mom, Claire, Jenn 
A tradition in the making for the women in the family - mark your calendars for 2013!
These three cute girls are BYU fans, too! 
Brian took his girls to Fish Lake so Rachel could go to Ed Week 
Tayler, Kate, Lauren (Tessa even went fishing!)
Before flying back to Georgia, Claire and Mom went to the Provo temple 

Then we stopped by say 'good-bye' to our beautiful Julie and her sweet baby Ezra

Did I say this little guy was sweet?  Living proof!
....and that's it folks!

Monday, September 10, 2012

A SPLENDID Time Onboard the Good Ship SPLENDOR

Nearly two years after our original Splendor Cruise to Nowhere, 
we were able to go again, this time to Somewhere!  July 29-August 5, 2012
We had a great time...

There's our ship!   Madi is in the foreground

Here are our awesome traveling companions: Emma and Madison and.....

.....Jake and Emily
And off we sailed into the sunset to...

Gary found a friend

The friend liked Gary!

We were unauthorized guests for lunch at a lovely resort
and not allowed to use the pools in the background.....
 ....but the beach was free for all!
There's our beautiful granddaughters
Next stop: Puerto Vallarta
View out over the coastline

Madi is going zip-lining

Emma is going zip-lining, too

Jake made it a three-some.....

While the rest of us trekked over to have lunch while the zip-liners 
zipped overhead!
Here we are on our trek - that's Emily just off the home-made bridge
Next we headed out to this giant rock in the ocean for some snorkeling

There's Emma snorkeling away...and Madi is there somewhere, too 
We all snorkeled, even Grandma Becky!
Here's Madi in perfect snorkel-form!
In between all of the fun, we ate like kings and queens...

.....a sampling of a chef-prepared dessert and....
...an Emily prepared dessert!
Did we have fun?

Madi had fun!

Emma had fun!

Madi and Emma had fun together!
Jake and Emily had fun together!

Gary and Becky had fun together!
And that's it for the Splendor...