Monday, January 17, 2011


At the Hampton Christmas Parade - Allred Denistry cookie spectacular
Emily, Luke, and Ethan

Soup Sunday and Happy Birthday wishes for:
(see below)

Ethan, 2 years old on Dec 30
Check out the Darth Vader cake
Ethan's Dad turned a year older on Dec 5

Jonah, 3 years old on Dec 13

Wayne was honored for his Dec 5 birthday

Let the Gingerbread House creations begin!

The amazing 'creators'
Lili, Cooper, Luke, Jonah, Ethan, Ella, Lincoln, Kailey, Sofi

A sample of the 'loaded creations!'

Celebrating Rachel's birthday in Dallas
at lunch with Barbara Crofts

Taylor - sweeter than her sugar cookie
Grandma Becky and Cooper at Lincoln's school Christmas party
Cooper showing his gift and Lincoln being himself: goofy!

An early Christmas Eve nativity
Espen is baby Jesus while lots of shepherds gather around

The Wiseman, Luke, came bearing gifts

Christmas Eve with the Tasker's in Denver

While waiting for Santa, Twilight's Edward was created

Is he the real thing?

He is....Edward's clone!

Christmas morning under cover

Santa remembered Jake!

Arsenal fans! Jim and Jake
Arsenal twins!...thanks to Jim's jacket gift to jake

Muffy making the rounds
Gabe is one of her favorites

Izzy is ready to take care of any new babies arriving

The Little Mermaid is exhausted at the end of Christmas Day

The Sedgwick's arrived before Christmas Day came to a close
The next day after church was the perfect photo opportunity

A few days of holiday fun at a cabin near Breckenridge, CO

Heading out on the snowmobiles - so many excited riders!

Red Ryders - Izzy, Kailey, and Kate

White Knights: Caleb and Dave

The cutest littlest one: Ammon
The cutest older one: Julie

The 'Wooky Loft' resurrected!
Izzy, Kate, Taylor, Hannah, Lucy

All wrapped up for sub-zero temperatures!

Hiding behind that bundle of sweetness is Hannah

More bundled sweetness: Lauren

The mom's bundled up, and unbundled all day long!
Rachel, Lauren, Kate

Jim contributing to the evening discussions
Hayden smiling for the camera

Kailey and her Kids Crew!
She entertained at meals, directed skits, created games, and loved the kids