Thursday, February 16, 2012


Birthday and birth-day celebrations in July
Stay posted, but first.... afternoon of fun at the Allred Fun Farm!

Lucy takes time to give Ammon a love at Jump To It

An afternoon of fun at Jump To It

Miss Mamie in all her plumpness on the kitchen counter

Q and Lincoln cooling off with watermelon

Focus is on Q's broken leg in this picture
Waiting for the Stone Mountain laser show


And now for the birthday celebrations

Amy on July 5th right before heading back to CA with her Beau!

Sofia and Lilian had a very fun outdoor party to celebrate their 8th birthday...

....and their 8th birthday was important!
Baptism day for the girls - Opa Piet and Oma Lina came from Holland to share in the occasion

Gabe is a 'Fia Favorite!'

Two beautiful, newly baptized princesses

Celebrating Claire's birthday at Michon's which is a story in and of itself

Then we all went to the Fox to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

We celebrated Patti's birthday...

...and Annabel's day of birth! July 21
Grandma Becky with the newest member of our family...

....and what a beautiful little princess she is

COUSINS CAMP 2011, Hickory Hill Farm

Our amazing, wonderful, delightful, energetic grandchildren, the
Cousin Campers!

First morning activity instruction for the treasure hunt!

Guests of Honor: Dale and Lucile, Maurice and Vera
Great grandparents of the cousin campers

Planting a tree in honor of our FAMILY TREE

Canoe rides

Good food!

The hub of activity....the 'melting pot!'
Family flags in the background

Poppy stories around the campfire

Award time for Hannah - the Lucile Award!

Off to find the treasure!

These two campers like to wander off and explore!
Gabe and Sofia

A favorite activity - shooting homemade rockets

Ethan giving his a rocket a good luck kiss!

There goes Emma's rocket high into the sky!

Uncle Jim leading the soccer activity during rotations

Trampoline rotation

Pool time was a favorite time to escape the 'melting pot!'
Madi and Q

Devotional time with pins given out to remember the lesson

Craft time headed up by the Aunts

Water balloon activity

Not everyone was happy all of the time....just most of the time!
Q and Ammon

The Aunts and Uncles 'lovingly' kept the show on the road!
Uncle Seth and Aunt Julie

Uncle Dave heading up the Uncles Fireside

Uncle Jason inspiring the cousin campers!

Cousin Camper Jonah lighting up a sparkler at the end of camp

One of many tired but happy Cousin Campers on the last day: Hannah
The End

June 2011

Jessica and Madi sang in the oratorio, 'Messiah in America', with the OCMCO Choir at the Tabernacle and Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City the first part of June

Lucile came with us to hear the inspiring and beautiful performance

In front of Abravanel Hall after a performance

Father's Dad with some of our Georgia families