Friday, May 18, 2012

Dream Trip back to Elder Beau's Mission: Northern California

Our trip back to Jeremiah's mission...the land of the Giant Redwoods
April 28-May 1

Exploring a Redwood Grove: Beau, Amy, Gary

Big Daddy...BIGGER tree
These trees are thousands of years old

 Car tunnel right through the living tree

Tight squeeze, but we made it!
 Jeremiah peeking out of the hood; Amy giving directions

Our charming bed and breakfast in Ferndale, CA

 Pointing us right to the LDS Meetinghouse!

And here we are at the meetinghouse!  Well, not quite, but 
this home is considered the best representation of Victorian architecture 
in the United States

Exploring Jurassic Park's Fern Gulley...breathtakingly beautiful

Looking for a safe passageway: Gary and Amy

Wading in the river was the only way


Soaking in the surrounding beauty and serenity

Beau lent me a helping hand when we had to balance our walk on logs

The lead couple: Beau and Amy 
The cutest couple: Beau and Amy 
The best traveling companions: Beau and Amy 
The smartest navigators: Beau and Amy 
The safest drivers: Beau and Amy
We were grateful to tag along with the best!

 Guess who is bringing home starts?

Napa Valley vineyards

We spent a morning biking in the valley 
Here we are leaving a winery

Castello Di Amorosa Winery 
No folks, we are not in Europe - this is Napa Valley!

And here is a close up of....the leading couple! 
 A close up of the winery, too. fun to tour

Another breathtakingly beautiful winery and that's us on our bikes

I couldn't resist this shot for all of the upcoming dentists in the family

Amy heading up to the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone
Napa Valley 

Our bed and breakfast in Napa...on barter, no less!

The leading couple at the Jelly Belly Factory

That's All Folks!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

April Blessings

Eloise's blessing day
L to R: Bishop, Grandpa Bell, Grandpa Jewkes, Eloise and her Dad, Ryan Bell, Cousin Bell, Seth, Dave
Eloise with her dad and mom
She looked beautiful in her long silk gown, a treasure found by Claire

Great Grandma Lucile with her son, Gary! (better known as Poppy)  Doesn't she look classy? 

Four generations!  Grandma Becky, Mother Rebecca, Great Grandma Lucile, and Eloise

Story time with Oliver and Amelia's favorite Aunt Julie and Uncle Seth

 The  S'more Girls!  Hannah and Amelia at the cabin

Peek-a-Boo!  Lucy looking down into the kitchen from the master bedroom

Picnic on the Sundance deck - Lucy, Amelia, Hannah, and Oliver

Back home in Georgia in time for Easter

The silly ones: Lincoln, Lilian, Jonah, Ella, Sofia, and Jasper 
They ate their Easter dinner on the deck because they are silly.

Little Lady in Pink - Annabel charming us at Easter dinner 

 The Easter Egg Hunt - Espen has a basketful 

Look hard and you'll Sofia with her Golden Egg

Q, Lincoln, and Ella feeding Gutter, the friendly neighborhood mini-horse 

Q riding the Ranger, the friendly neighborhood dog 

And a very Happy Easter to all from Ella!

Happy Birthday to Poppy on April 20

Singing Sedgwicks!  Poppy and Grandma Becky were able to attend their last OCMCO 
concert in the Orange County Center for Performing Arts, April 27, before they move East.