Tuesday, November 13, 2012




In the proper 'spirit', the moon was full over the Albuquerque Temple as
the JEWKES SPOOKS came alive with a ......


JONAH and his pumpkin

Jacob and Stephanie climbed Sandia Peak by the light of the moon!

Ezra in full skeletal view....with a heart to love

Beau and Amy and baby boy soon-to-be

Grandma Becky and her very own Ward Trunk or Treaters

Allreds hit the streets

 Close up of Ella Loompa

Lincoln from Raiders of the Lost Ark

Unmistakably Q as Buzz Light-year

Miss Charlotte in her pink skeletal finery

Amelia is a kitty, Olliver is a race-car driver. 
The vampire is anyone's guess

The lovely witch, Rebecca, and her Swiss yodeler, Christian

The Princess in Training: Eloise

The Pirate Rachel and her treasure: Tessa Parrott

The Pirate Kate treasures her kittens, Lauren and Taylor

Here kitty, kitty, kitty!  Miss Lauren....

.....found her sister kitty', Miss Taylor

Don't get too close or I'll scratch!

Dr. Dan and Octomom (aka Dr. Jake and Triple Emily)

These two like to dress up!  The knife throwner courts an acrobat ~ 
bet the acrobat isn't doing many flips these days

Ninja Cooper

Optimus Prime (Luke), Bumble Bee Ethan, and Cooper in his favorite 
personally hand-made Batman cape and mask

Jordan with his Little Pumpkin and her Ironman brother

Amanda claims the Little Pumpkin, too

Maryland Monsters....and princesses: 
Lucy, Hannah, Madi, Caleb and friends

Ninja Caleb

'Madi in Black' or the Glow Light Girl

Lucy as a 'Thing' with her cousin

Hannah is something cute....cherry-on-top cupcake maybe?

Another Skeleton in the family:  Ammon!

A very unhappy but very cute gnome: Espen

A true, one-eyed, bearded pirate: Jasper

The Pirate and his beautiful vampire sisters
Sofia and Lilian

Miss Vampire on full winged display

Guess who? 
Emma, Izzy, Gabe, and Hayden

Miss Mamie rounds out the Tasker trick-or-treaters

Couldn't resist a close-up of Izzy Witchy

Daylight version of the Awesome Foursome

Don't vote for Pedro.....vote for Jim!

Elder London and his companion tracting their high school on dress-up day

And not to be outdone: The Walking Dead! 

The Dead get an electrical jolt!  
Jordan, Amanda, Gary, Becky, Jason, Claire

Bye, bye Miss Kitty.  That's it until next year folks.....