Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Adventures

Atlanta Temple Re-Dedication, May 1. We were fortunate to have
tickets for the Celestial Room. President Monson presided and
Elder Ballard conducted. It was an amazing and memorable experience.

Two bum-bums....ta da da da da da! Couldn't resist posting this
picture that Dagmar shared of Espen and Jasper.

Here I am with Elvis whom I had pretty much fallen in love with for horseback riding. He had
the smoothest gait and handled so nicely. Sadly, he was a fatality of the recent tornadoes.

In Blairesville, GA at the Tea Room for lunch. Becky, Jana, and Lucile.
We stole away for a few days in the north Georgia mountains.

Becky and Lucile in the hot tub at the the shower cap! Love the lady
wearing it even more!

Our cabin, The Sweet Retreat, and it was sweet! Jana and Lucile

Gary and I celebrated our 38th anniversary in the hills of South Carolina at the
beautiful Red Horse Inn. Gary at a covered bridge nearby.

Gary checking in at the Inn

Looking out from the Inn toward the cottages

The view from the cottages to the Inn

Our own, private, quite romantic cottage, complete with a hot tub in the back

We invited several friends and neighbors to go to the Atlanta Temple Open House
during April. We were so happy when John and Marigold Watson, our Dunwoody neighbors, wanted to go. We picked them up, toured the temple, then took them to dinner. It was
wonderful to reconnect after such a long time - we moved from Dunwoody 16+ years ago.

We also were able to take Andy and Deb Conaway another time. Deb is my wonderful friend
who has gotten me back into horseback riding. Deb loves all living creatures great and small!

2700 youth from the Atlanta Temple District, at the Prophet's request, performed in a cultural production, Southern Lights, the night before the temple-rededication.
I helped sew the costumes for our ward, and
Ella helped me deliver them!

Each stake in the temple district had an assigned day to provide all the volunteers for
the Open House. I helped take the 'booties' off the people's feet as they exited the
temple. It was fun to see the Allred's come through and take their booties off for them.

Our 2nd Annual Back Porch Barbeque. Here is Gary visiting with Reid Galli and
Jeff and Wendy Stebar. President Stebar is lead architect for the Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania Temple and had a lot of interesting stories to share.

Gary with Dorothy Galli, a dear sister in our ward.

Hickory Hill Farm on the evening of the Back Porch Barbeque

Pink Ruffle azaleas in full bloom

We had our Easter Egg Hunt on General Conference Sunday

Ella found the Golden Egg!

Cousins on the back porch checking out their egg treasures.
L to R: Jonah, Lincoln, Ella, Lilian, Sofia, and Jasper
Above: Jasper eating his treats!
Below: Wayne coaxed Koda into watching conference...