Friday, April 29, 2011

Tornado Aftermath

This home is across Highway 16 from Hickory Hill. Claire and Jason put an offer on this home before they purchased their home by us. About 1/2 mile away.

This is about 1/2 mile from our home again

Trees contorted in all directions

Across from Ruck's Dairy on Highway 16

This was a beautiful colonial home with white pillars that sat on 100 acres.
In the back was a stable that many show horses were boarded in. I've been horseback
riding here with Deb several times and 'Elvis', a gorgeous black Tennessee Walker, was always
my mount. He died in the tornado. This is the remains of the home. Portions of the stable are standing but the roof and one side is gone. I don't know how many horses died. This property is 3-4 miles from our home as the crow flies. Between Brooks and Griffin.

Sorry, a double here of the photo above

Someone's house is in pieces in the trees.
About 1/2 mile from our home.

This is near Vaughn Road, about half way between our home and
Griffin on Macintosh Rd

Vaughn Road area again, a huge swath taken out and homes either gone or in shambles

A huge uprooted tree - they are everywhere

Friday, April 8, 2011

March Gladness, Madness, and Sadness

Gladness! Our 27th grandbaby, Mamie Jane, is blessed on March 5

Gladness! Lili is an up and coming Irish Dancer!

Sadness! Sofia was sidelined, but she'll be back!

Madness! Moving Day for the Hutchings Family

Gladness, Madness, and Sadness! All packed up and ready to roll

Gladness! Luke is climbing up to the driver's bench

Emily is making sure he is safe
Cooper and Luke took turns in this favored spot on the long drive West

Madness! Airing out the musky Georgia odors from the household - Emily takes a breather

Gladness! Ethan loves the backyard trampoline which came with the house

The Three Musketeers love their new house and fenced yard - so do their mom and dad!

Gladness! And here is the family in front of their new home in Albuquerque
Sadness! Hickory Hill Farm is way too quiet now! We love and miss the Hutchings!