Friday, March 2, 2012

THIS IS MY NEW LIFE, February 2012

NieNie has a YouTube where she says, 'This is my new life.' I've realized that I have a new life, too, at least a new way of 'hearing' life. It's not what I expected and it's not perfect, but it's good, and I'm grateful. Besides my cochlear implant, I have this nifty phone that will caption your words if you will just call me!

A few days in August with the Allreds
Q loved these ducks, and the ducks loved Q

Charlotte loves her mommy and her mommy loves Charlotte

'Link' loves sneaking in a computer game or two...

...and Ella loves to play this big old piano

Espen loves to swing...

...and Lauren loves to smile her very cute smile

Espen loves to hitch a ride on the back of the stroller
and Lauren loves to take the front seat

Kate loves to cheer for her Dad on his P90X goals
'I know you can do it!'
'Try your best and forget the rest!'
Work hard...the harder the better!'
'Go strong, loving Dad!'

I want Kate on my cheer team!

Kate loves to play the piano, even when practice time is up

She also loves to hold her little sister, Tessa

Taylor, Lauren, and Kate in the middle of a game

Tessa in the middle of her dad's arms

Ranger thinking Espen looks good...

...Espen is good!

The Tess-purrfect ending


Celebrating Christian's birthday just a little late because
Eloise was just a little late

Amelia and Oliver watching Uncle Kendell tune their piano

The waiting has ended and Eloise has arrived

Me, Myself, Mom, Becky, Grandma B with precious Eloise

Amelia getting acquainted

Great-grandma Lucile Jewkes getting acquainted, too

Good-bye Eloise
Lucile, Amelia, and Julie in the hospital corridor

Amelia all bundled up in the very cute, handmade hat Aunt Julie gave her

Cafe Rio! Shout 'Hooray'!
Hillary and children, Kailey, with Becky taking the photo

Lucy on board

Spot It!
Lucy and Hannah are experts. They beat Beau and Amy!

Lucy in disguise, but how can you disguise those eyes?

Happy Hannah all painted up with Lucy's face paint kit

Hannah saying 'good-bye' to Grandma Becky
and excited to get to pre-school

Favorite Christmas gifts organized and created by Emily
Cousins Camp 2011 Book

Family Reunion 2011 book


Joining the fun at the Hutching's gingerbread house family home evening

The creators of the finished creation:
Cooper, Ethan, and Luke

Poppy with Lukey

Spot It! A grand favorite game of the grand-children

Santa's boy, Luke

A long table filled with people we love

Luke dressed for the Christmas nativity at the Allens
Christmas Eve

Ethan is waiting, too - is he a King from the East?

The audience is waiting, too
Jacob, London, and Mamie Jane

Still waiting....for the 'go' signal to come downstairs on
Christmas morning

We also shared Christmas morning with the Hutchings

Back at the Taskers, there was some exciting gifts!
Jim and Jenn have this tradition....(you finish the sentence)

Coon caps and sling shots came all the way from Blueridge, Georgia
Delivered exclusively by Poppy and Grandma Becky
to Hayden and Gabe, best of brothers and friends

Jenn never fails to give her dad a 'conversation piece' gift!

After Christmas, Chase Verzello prepared a delicious Italian
dinner for us, featuring with homemade noodles and sauce

We celebrated New Year's weekend in Las Cruces
Yes, this is the house that Jim built.... 'found'!

Jacob climbed the peak behind the house and got this aerial shot

Jacob also got a good shot of himself!
If you look hard, you can see the 'house that Jim found' in the background

A peek inside with Mamie and her Mom

Miss Izzy exploring the back yard

Miss Emma and Hayden posing in the backyard

Gabe skinny-dippin' in the back yard!

Time for Poppy and Grandma Becky to leave

Farewell to Las Cruces, the beautiful Organ Mountain range
and our memorable Christmas holiday in the Southwest